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Christmas Treats Hamper (1 box)

Christmas Treats Hamper (1 box)

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Christmas is arriving and our Christmas Treats Hamper is here for 2022! It includes 8 different irresistible treats, 6 various sources of protein and 46pcs in total. The proper treats for the holiday! Show your lucky dog how much you love them!

1. Gourmet Cocktail Sausages - Duck (10pcs)
2. Gourmet Sausages - Turkey and Cranberry (10pcs)
3. Gourmet Pate - Turkey and Cranberry "Christmas dinner" (1pc)
4. Gourmet Pure Sticks - Pheasant and Partridge (5pcs)
5.Gourmet Pure Sticks - Turkey (5pcs)
6. Gourmet Sticks - Venison (5pcs)
7. Pigs in Blankets  (5pcs)
8. Sausage Rolls - (5pcs)

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Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available when feeding.

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